Bar Readers' Course

Clause 5(1)(b) of the WABA’s Constitution provides that membership of the WABA is conditional upon an applicant having completed, or having undertaken to complete within a time specified by Bar Council, any Bar Readers’ Course (BRC) prescribed by Bar Council, subject to any exemption granted by Bar Council. Click here to download a copy of the BRC Exemption Policy.
The BRC is an important part of the WABA's commitment to the highest standards of practice. It is designed to ensure that WABA barristers meet the recommended Australian Bar Association standards, reflecting international best practice.

The BRC comprises four modules: Advocacy; Evidence; Ethics; and Jurisdiction and Procedure.
The BRC is conducted once each year and is only open to WABA members or practitioners who provide written confirmation of their intention to join the independent bar within a reasonable period of time (eg 12 months) after undertaking the BRC.

The Ethics, Jurisdiciton and Procedure and Evidence modules of the BRC are conducted over a 6 week period, during May - June each year.  

The Advocacy module completed by way of undertaking the Australian Bar Association Essential Trial Advocacy Course (ETAC).  ETAC is designed to cater for ‘junior’ barristers from small bars in Australia.  Organisation of the ETAC  alternates between the Western Australialn Bar Association and the South Australian Bar Association (SABA).  

Subject to any exemption and/or deferral approved by Bar Council, participants are required to complete the first BRC offered after commencing practise exclusively as a barrister and attend all seminars in each module.   Click here to download a copy of the Specified Time, Attendance and Deferral Policy.
Although participants are not formally examined, feedback is provided by Course Coordinators and Speakers about each reader’s preparation, contribution and performance at each seminar. The information is collated and reviewed at the conclusion of the BRC and prizes are awarded to the best reader in the  Advocacy module and Chief Justice's prize for the best performed reader overall.