Applying for Membership


You may apply to become a member of the Western Australian Bar Association (WABA) by completing a "Local" or "Interstate" Application for Membership Form.   The application must be accompanied by two letters of reference from current members of the WABA.  Usually the references should be provided from WABA members who have known the applicant professionally for 5 years.  The referees are also each required to sign the schedule attached to the application form.

Applications are considered by Bar Council at its monthly meeting.  Bar Council considers whether the application should be referred to a General Meeting of the WABA for election as a member pursuant to Clause 5(1)(a) of the WABA’s Constitution.  This process may occur after a candidate has actually commenced practising as a barrister at a set of chambers.

Membership of the WABA is formally approved by the members in General Meeting, but where Bar Council has recommended an applicant for membership the privileges of membership are extended to the applicant pending the next General Meeting.

There is no fee payable on lodgment of an application.


Announcement to the Supreme Court of Western Australia

Clause 4 of the Constitution provides that a barrister shall announce himself or herself at the first ordinary sitting of the Full Court of the Supreme Court of Western Australia held after he or she has been elected a member of Association (if they have not already done so).

Inquiries about this process should be directed to the Supreme Court:

Contact:    Marion Spears
Ph:           (08) 9421 5300


Practising Certificates


Holding a practising certificate and becoming a member of the WABA are entirely separate.

The Legal Practice Board of Western Australia (Board) is responsible for the issue and renewal of practising certificates for legal practitioners who engage in the practice of law in Western Australia.  Please contact the Board or visit its website ( for further information on applying for a practising certificate.


Admission Requirements in Western Australia


The Board also has statutory responsibility for the admission of legal practitioners in Western Australia.   Information on admission requirements may be found on the following link or by contacting the Board.

The Board's contact particulars are:

Level 6
111 St George's Terrace
PERTH  WA  6000

Phone:        (08) 6211 3600
Facsimile:   (08) 6211 3650