The WABA Constitution provides that a barrister is a legal practitioner in private practice whose law practice is exclusively that of barrister, and who carries on practice from chambers which are appropriate to the maintenance of proper standards of professional conduct and integrity and which fosters a collegiate environment with other members sufficient in number and seniority.

Membership of appropriate chambers meeting this description is considered essential to the continued maintenance of the high professional standards expected of members of the WABA.

In Western Australia there are a number of sets of Barristers' Chambers, providing accommodation and services appropriate to a variety of modes of practice. A number of the chambers provide for membership by way of "door tenancies" for barristers practising on a part-time or semi-retired basis.

Below are lists of the Chambers of all members of the WABA.

Information regarding the requirements for admission to chambers and the services provided by the individual sets of chambers should be obtained directly from those chambers.

Barristers' Chambers in Western Australia

Chambers of Members Outside of Western Australia