This policy outlines what is required of members who are the subject of a complaint/s to the Legal Profession Complaints Committee (LPCC).


Members are required to notify the President of the Association:


1.     in the event of a complaint being made in respect of the conduct of the member to the LPCC;

2.     once the outcome of any complaint is known;

3.     of any decision by the State Administrative Tribunal; and

4.     of any conditions upon the practice certificate of the  member.


The usual policy of the Association is to abide the outcome of the deliberations of the LPCC and any decision of the State Administrative Tribunal unless the nature of the complaint is such that more immediate action should be taken.


In an appropriate case the President may refer the issue to the Association’s Disciplinary Committee.  It is the general policy of the Association that the subject matter of complaints will only be communicated to Bar Council or members generally if a recommendation to that effect is made by the Disciplinary Committee.


Click here to download a copy of the Complainst Against Members Policy.