DATE ISSUED:     2008

Public announcements on behalf of the Western Australian Bar Association (WABA) shall only be made by the President (or the Vice-President in the absence of the President) and persons expressly authorised by Bar Council or the President to do so.
Public announcements should be confined to matters relating to:

  • the competence, standards and rules of practice amongst barristers;
  • the upholding of free and open access to the courts and the rule of law;
  • law reform and public debate affecting the practice, procedures, constitution and resources of the courts or practice as a barrister;
  • the process for appointment of senior counsel, judges and law officers

in Western Australia.


No comment should be made on behalf of the WABA on a party-political basis. Comments made on behalf of the WABA should be expressed using moderate and temperate language and should seek to contribute in a genuine way to debate on an issue.


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