Clause 5(1)(b) of the Constitution provides that membership of the Association is conditional upon an applicant having completed, or having undertaken to complete within a time specified by Bar Council, any Bar Readers’ Course prescribed by Bar Council.

Specified Time

Where an undertaking has been given to complete the Bar Readers’ Course (BRC), it is expected that, absent exceptional circumstances and unless written approval to defer has been granted by Bar Council, members are required to complete the first Bar Readers’ Course offered after commencing practise exclusively as a barrister.


Subject to any exemption granted by Bar Council, participants are required to attend all seminars in each module.  Participants will be required to sign a registration sheet as a record of attendance at each seminar.

If, for very good reason, a participant is unable to attend a particular seminar, prior notice must be given by email to the Executive Officer.  In the event of an unexpected absence from a seminar, participants are required to provide a written explanation for the absence to the Executive Officer, the following day.

In the event that a participant is absent from more than one seminar in a particular module, the Western Australian Bar Association will not certify that the participant has successfully completed that module of the Bar Readers’ Course.  Participants will be required to attend the particular seminar/s from which they were absent, in the following year’s Bar Readers’ Course.  Certification of successful completion of that module will then be provided.


Approval will not be granted to defer completion of a module/s unless Bar Council considers the grounds upon which deferment is sought, are exceptional.  Application to defer completion of a module/s may be made in writing to Bar Council.  Applications will be considered on their own merits, on a case by case basis.

Click here to download a copy of the BRC Specified Time, Attendance & Deferral Policy.