The Western Australian Bar Association (WABA) is committed to supporting and promoting women barristers. The WABA has women members who practise in most areas of the law and in all jurisdictions. The Women Barristers section allows referring solicitors to undertake searches of all women barristers in Western Australia who are members of the WABA and to identify the experience and practice areas of the members.

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Anderson, Gillian
Black, Linda
Boston, Lisa
Cahill SC, Patricia
Carlean, Elmi
Cleary, Genevieve
Collins, Rebecca
Farmer, Teresa
Georgiou, Marina
Giles, Penelope
Henderson, Jessica
Hensler, Elspeth
Hossen, Noelle Anne
Jonker, Tamasin
Joseph, Rachel
Kumar, Kaminni
Lee, Rebecca
Lendich, Kim
Luck, Emma
Mangan, Bettina
Millar, Heather
Moss, Carolyn
Needham, Elizabeth
Oakeley, Rachel
Oliver, Sarah
Pedersen, Kate
Prince, Helen
Robbins, Brenda
Russell, Sarah
Saraceni, Maria
Shepherd, Karen
Stanton, Fiona
Stewart, Natasha
Taylor, Debbie
Taylor, Julie
Thompson, Clare
Thornton, Jenny
Tovey, Lisa
Veltman, Frances
Vernon, Karen
Visscher, GiGi
Webb QC, Raelene
Wren, Clara
Young, Rachael

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