Sir Lawrence Jackson Chambers

Street AddressEquus Commercial, Level 2, Room 151, 580 Hay Street, Perth Western Australia 6000
Postal Address
DX Address
Telephone0407 385 276 or Melb Clerks (03) 9225 7333
Fax(08) 9385 2777

Sir Lawrence JacksonSir Lawrence Jackson Chambers was commenced in January 1996 and currently has 17 members: thirteen senior counsel and four junior counsel. Together the members of Chambers provide expertise in a wide range of legal areas. Sixteen members of Sir Lawrence Jackson Chambers presently have their principal chambers in other States of Australia.

Members of Sir Lawrence Jackson Chambers may be instructed through the clerk of Chambers. Alternatively, members may be contacted directly on their telephone and facsimile numbers, or at their e-mail addresses. Those members who have their principal Chambers in other States may also be instructed directly though those Chambers.