Diversity & Equality

The Western Australia Bar Association (WABA) is committed to diversity and equality both within and outside of the Bar.  That commitment is sought to be enacted by:

Endorsement of the Equitable Briefing Policy is an affirmation of the WABA’s commitment to a more equitable, diverse and inclusive Bar and profession generally.

Similarly, the WABA is committed to the Diversity and Equality Charter as a statement of principles to acknowledge publicly a commitment to diversity and equality by the Australian legal profession.

The Indigenous Clerkship program is an important feature of a number of initiatives which have been and are being developed by the WABA (through its standing Diversity Committee) to create greater inclusiveness and diversity at the Bar.

The WABA was the first Bar in Australia, and remains the only so far, to mandate Unconscious Bias Training as a compulsory part of our Bar Readers’ Course.  That training is also opened up to non-Readers and, to date, about 25% of all members have undertaken that training either as part of their Bar Readers’ Course or voluntarily.

The intention of endorsing and developing these and other initiatives is to continue to develop the Bar as a professional place where all of society is represented and can thrive.

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WA Bar only contains the contact details of those barristers who are members of the Western Australian Bar Association with current WA or Interstate practising certificates and who have agreed to their details being made available.

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